Eleventh Hour Sewing

Kids Clothes, Shorts

Ok, so I’ve got one more entry into the Willow & Co sewing contest. So many great prizes, I just had to try and get this one finished. I’ve been sewing into the wee hours to get it finished, my first Fawn Lily and some sweet Clovers to match.



I added a layer of lace, which made the construction of the fawn lily a little more difficult, but got there in the end 🙂 The shorts are made from cotton sateen, which was lovely to work with.


I was hoping to photograph the girls together in their outfits, but ran out of time. So I will try get them together another day.


Thanks for stopping by. Check out my other entries here and here. And there’s plenty more inspiration here.

Seriously get your hands on the Willow and Co patterns, they are all fantastic!!!!



5 thoughts on “Eleventh Hour Sewing

  1. Oh I wish I knew about the competitions site earlier! WOW! Will have to sign up. There are some beautiful entries but I honestly have to say I just adore your creations for your girls Hannah. You have such and eye for colour and detail. They are Stunning. xo

  2. Wow… that is perfection!!… I love the Fawn Lily pattern – I was lucky to test it and I am in love with it ever since… 🙂 This version of yours must be my favorite e.v.e.r… {swon…}

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